Sunday, 2 October 2011

Recipe Swap: Hot Pink Slaw

We took a last minute decision to take our little ones off for the holiday weekend to rural Perthshire; together with my best friend, her husband and wee girl.  It was great to get away, the girls had a ball running around outside and splashing in puddles while I enjoyed the company of some of my favourite people, cooking and eating – lots.
One of the best parts of the whole weekend was Saturday night, when Becky cooked up steak and chips with meat from her parents’ farm – the best beef ever!   The low point, was finding out that the Rannoch Smoke House in the village near where were staying wasn’t open to the public – boo! 
My little Elsa & her best friend Isla

I also had to pop into work this week to help ahead of a training course; although I am not sure how much help I was given I had to take all three children with me.  A massive thanks has to go to Iona, who deals with all the admin while also manning the reception in my office.  She stoically entertained them with highlighter pens and the photocopier!
Well here it is – my second contribution to the Burwell General Store vintage recipe swap, which this month is entitled “Hot Slaw”.   Again I am apprehensive about posting my wee recipe alongside those of the other participants and their wealth of experience both blogging and cooking!
The original recipe in the book behind this project (All-Day Singin' and Dinner on the Ground) calls for a slaw with a hot dressing (as in temperature). My slaw is cold but with a warming dressing – perfect for autumn; fabulously pink and, I think, delicious!
The original swap recipe
In all honestly, I took this opportunity to use an ingredient I hadn’t used before – or really eaten (except in its pickled form) - but after being served an amazing beetroot accompaniment to smoked salmon at my friend Jill’s wedding in July, I was keen to try it. I am pleased with this one and it seemed to go down well at the family BBQ at my parents this evening too. I must also say that I am looking forward to making this next time we have a roast ham - as I think this will go wonderfully with the cold leftovers.

Hot Pink Slaw

500g Red Cabbage
500g Beetroot
1 Small Onion
60ml Olive Oil
60ml White Wine Vinegar
1tsp Dijon Mustard
1 Tablespoon Caster Sugar
½ Teaspoon Ground Cloves
½ Teaspoon Salt
Black Pepper
Prepare the veggies; topping, tailing and peeling the beetroot; peeling the onion, removing the very centre of the cabbage.  Shred them all and mix together (praise be for the magimix).  (Remember to wear gloves when handling the beetroot as it stains your hands!)
For the dressing, mix together the olive oil, white wine vinegar, mustard, caster sugar and cloves.  Making sure they are well combined pour over the veggies and mix until thoroughly coated.  Sprinkle over the salt and add a good grinding of black pepper – mixing again. 
All done!

My lovely husband & girls playing outside our holiday house - beautiful!



  1. Very clever Missy! I will say this recipe left me completely dumbstruck. You did a great job spinning this to life in a form that people would actually enjoy eating. And of course you can't beat the color! Lovely photos of the girls and puddles and the last one of your beautiful family and homeland. Glad you inclued them and SO glad you are part of the swap!

  2. I love beets! You're so brave to grate it up for a slaw - the juice goes all over the place when I take a grater to a beet.
    You pink slaw sounds delicious and I know I'll be making it when I can get my hands on some beets.

  3. That color looks great. Clever of you to use beetroot for the slaw! As far as I know I have rarely eaten beet in its raw form- have had it in soup form (borscht), but this looks like a good way to eat it! Thanks for another wonderful take on the Swap!

  4. great recipe and I love the photos of your girls! nice work!

  5. Claire what a great post!! Your recipe is fantastic, and I love the slice of life you've shared with us. What a beautiful place to live and rest. Thanks for stepping outside of your comfort zone in the kitchen and sharing the results.

  6. Beet in the slaw is such a great idea. It sure looks good and I'm sure its sweetness makes it taste even better!

  7. What a wonderful Autumn dish, vibrant, crunchy, and full of flavors! And why is it that so many of us feel a bit apprehensive about throwing out into the ether our own concoctions? So far, all the recipes were interesting and the stories that accompanied them brought us all a bit more together.
    Lovely pictures of your homeland and your family:)

  8. I thought about doing something with beets as well! You can't go wrong with food that is hot pink, and so therefore I love your slaw. Great post!

  9. Claire, what a great combination for your slaw! I would not have thought to use beetroot, thank you so much teaching this old dog a new trick!
    This is a perfect autumn slaw, nicely done!

  10. Hi Claire - awesome contribution! I love the colors (and the little ones must have too!). We don't use enough beetroot over here (I put it in everything and as a country we're FINALLY starting to pick it up) so it rarely pops to mind as a first ingredient. Thanks!

  11. Beets are fantastic and I love them raw. Great idea to mix them in with the cabbage; Beautiful color to the salad. Nice swap!


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